21 Days Sun Salutation Challenge

Join the Journey...

Ashtangateacher Nera are live on Instagram every morning in the sunrise at 8am CEST.  We know that some of you are in a different time zone- don’t worry, the live recording will be there for you in the morning and upcoming 24 hrs, or you can at any see the latest sun salutation- flow by Nerea here.  Start your day with a 15 minutes ancient wakeupcall and let the sun energize you.  Join us on instagram!

Be part of the movement- Share a short video and your thoughts with us and others around the world. Join the journey: 

– Make a 20 sec video of a sequence of your choice. It can be just raising your arms towards the sun like Nerea in the picture, or a downward facing dog or a transition. 

– Say hello to fellow nomads out there. Make a short greeting like  ” Hello nomads, this is Mark from London”. Smile and wave! 

– Send us a phrase or quote, one sentence or two that you want to share. 

We would love to tag you in the post, please provide your social media details. Also, feel free to tag us in your feed @globalnomadfestivals  #21dayssunsalutationglobalchallenge 

Email us at hello@globalnomadfestivals.com