Global Nomad is a growing movement of nomads!

Global Nomad is a growing movement of nomads!
Searching for a path of kindness in an ever-changing world with one goal in mind: to help bring positive change to the world through our thoughts, words, and actions. It all starts with you!

Our story is being written at this moment and you are a part of it … join the journey!

Celebrating life!

We organize retreats, workshops, festivals, and other events to give you an opportunity to connect with your true divine and to be part of an awakened community that is all about making a positive contribution to the world. A tribe regardless of sex, nationality, religion, and borders. Nomads that have chosen the kind path in life. A path of the warrior, to dare to dig deeper and to look inward for the truth.

Embracing the planet!

The Global Nomad community is about cretaing a forum and meeting points for nomads around the world.

The Global Nomad ethos is not only about personal and spiritual development. It´s also about giving back to our planet and living sustainably. We are actively involved in making a positive change for communities in need such as housing, health, education, and environmental projects.